Got chevron?

A few weeks ago, I was reading a post on Young House Love (as I do every day).  This was actually a mood board titled En Fuego.

Sherry based the mood board on a chevron table runner.  And I was in love.  Chevron is one of my favorites, and I figured I couldn’t make the runner for $15.  So I immediately rushed over and bought it from Etsy seller FantasyVintageWear.

Lo and behold, it arrived the other day.  Here it is on our dining table.

It makes me happy.  But, there are other things in the room that make me happy too.  Like this thrifted mirror, which was gold when it was purchased and given a nice coat of black spray paint.

But, the mirror is not the only other thing that makes me happy.  Straight across the doorway from the mirror is a thrifted candle holder that is fabulous when lit up.  It reminds me of something I would’ve paid a lot for at Pottery Barn.

And last but not least, some vases we won at a family Christmas party are home to some fun West Elm paper flowers that I scored on a major sale.  I figured they’d be easy on the eyes without having to be replacing fresh flowers all the time 🙂  Apparently I’m also lazy.

In its past life, the dining room was the sunroom for the prior owners.  It contained only a tired chair, a weathered wicker table and a TV on a plastic storage crate.  Obviously the contents did nothing for the room.  Its best feature is the windows.  

But back to the runner, the yellow in the chevron pattern is PERFECT since the adjoining living room is a nice gold.  Anyone want to come over for dinner?


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