I am addicted

to buntings!  In my opinion, they’re not just for parties.  They can cheer up a room.  I have several in the house, maybe bordering on overkill.  But I made some of them when I first learned how to sew, and some more recently.

This is one I made from alphabet cards I ordered on Overstock.com for our little guy’s room.  When they arrived, I realized that I did not check the measurements (I’d planned on putting them up around the ceiling).  Whoops!  It was actually a happy accident, since sewing them to a ribbon created a fun way to display them in a bunting instead.  I liked them hung above his initial, which I painted right onto the wall.  Since I know we’re staying in this house for the long haul, I’ve been a little more brave that way.

This is a different angle of the same room.  And another bunting, but totally different.  I think it adds some nice color and I like it hanging in between the plain white curtains.

This is in the bigger boys’ room…I decided to make theirs a different way and do half circles instead.  It’s a fun way to tie together all of the colors of the room and the half circles work with the circles I painted (again, right on the wall). 

This one was made by my sis-in-law for a baby shower.  I loved it so much I found a spot for it in our room over my new gallery wall.  You may not have noticed, but the brown frame on the bottom has no picture in it yet.  Lazy.

Who doesn’t want a bunting outside?  Adds color, yada yada yada.  You’ve got the idea by now.   One extra benefit with this one is that it takes a little bit of the focus off the trim that needs to be repainted 🙂

Here is a view up close.  I had lots of fabrics with different prints that ended up working well together. 

So, there you have it.  I guess there are worse addictions in the world ;).  Is there such a thing as Buntings Anonymous?


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