Take that, kitchen.

I mentioned we moved into our house one year ago.  I mentioned it was dirty and neglected.  The place where you’re supposed to prepare and eat food was the nastiest of all of the rooms in the house.  Here it is in all its glory (NOT!)The cabinets didn’t close.  The screws on the knobs were too long.  The countertop and the backsplash were very dated.

My mother-in-law spent about 2.5 hours cleaning the kitchen the night we got the keys, and that was just the first of the time that we’d spend fixing up that room.  Since then, it’s had new appliances, a layer of new flooring, new counters, new backsplash, and two different colors of paint on the walls.   We did all of this while 3 kids were snug in their beds at night, which means LOTS of lost sleep for me and the hubby. 

The cabinets close.  The hardware is new.  The appliances are clean and shiny.  And I can prepare food on the counters and not be completely grossed out.  The paint on the bottom cabinets is dark gray, but we chose to leave the upper cabinets white since the kitchen is small and would feel too dark if they were also gray.  We’re happy with the contrast.

How do you like me now, kitchen?  I like you much better.


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