Fast Forward

My name is Susie.  I have a problem.  I neglected my blog for 2 whole months.  It’s been a fun two months with Halloween and Thanksgiving, and now we’re getting ready for Christmas. 

A recent fun surprise was this holly that came home to our middle son from “Auntie” Sara, our daycare provider-turned family friend.  She attached the holly berries to it and a little note–apparently he’d babysat this piece of holly after planting it in the summer!  His eyes absolutely lit up and it was a great start to our Christmas preparations.  It’s sitting on the counter now and I love looking at it because 1) it was so thoughtful of her to give it to him and 2) I will always remember the look on his face when he saw that it had grown–wish she could’ve seen it too!

We went to the Christmas tree farm that we’ve gone to for the past 8 years :).  We found this very nice tree that is now covered with a plethora of childhood ornaments plus new ones the kids have made.  There are fun ones, like the Grinch and Frosty the Snowman, but in between I love the pictures, homemade snowmen, reindeer, and nativity scenes the kids have brought home from school.

Hallelujah, the tree glows. 

We’d also like to introduce the newest member of the household.  No, not a dog.  or a cat.  or a kid.  It’s Simon the Elf.  He likes to hide.  He’s also been spotted stuck in the chandelier above our dining room table.  Too bad he isn’t able to get the kids to exercise their best manners there!

Silly Simon.  I hope he’s really telling Santa how the boys are behaving.

I realized when I fetched the Christmas decorations from the attic that I’d grown tired of some of them, so I made some new ones.  I made luminaries out of bags that I purchased at HoLo (also known as Hobby Lobby) for $.50 each.  I cut out Christmas designs and threw a fake candle in them to make them light up.  I’m all for less fire hazards.

See the mantle?  I also painted between the molding so it pops out more and brings some dark color to compliment our light fixtures and other black in the room.  I like it, hubby’s not sold.  But heck, you win some, you lose some.

Have a good week and I will be back before 2 months are up!


2 thoughts on “Fast Forward

  1. It all looks very festive! S had told me about the elf in the dining room light with a big smile on his face the other day.
    Glad you came back! 🙂

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