Home ch-ch-changes

We’ve made some improvements to the house lately…I’m just a teeensy bit behind in writing about them :). We have an unfinished basement but were able recently to turn it into very usable, clean space. I will post pictures of that next…but one direct result of that change was that our three year old was able to get a big boy bed.

Doesn’t it make sense that the tiniest family member, S, should have the second biggest bed in the house? He thinks so!  The bed takes up some real estate in his room, but the bedding and pillows all fit in quite nicely and the price was best–completely FREE.  Before and after (glary photo warning)…

 And yes, he does sleep with those folded blankies every night.  Sweet dreams, S!


One thought on “Home ch-ch-changes

  1. Congratulations on a new post! I know that S loves his new bed as he talks about it often and how you all enjoy the new family area in the lower level. You have many creative ideas and I love them, but I love your boys to the moon!
    “Auntie” Sara

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